Cost of Childbirth

Magnolia accepts self-pay, private insurance and select Medicaid HMOs. The cost of midwifery care and the facility charge for the birth center are covered by many health insurance plans including Medicaid.

The cost of midwifery care with our practice is $5,900 which includes:

  • Prenatal care

  • Childbirth education courses

  • Labor and delivery care

  • Supplies for your birth

  • A postpartum lactation visit

  • Six weeks of postpartum care.

This fee does not include any physician consultations, lab work or ultrasounds. All payments must be made by the 34th week of pregnancy, unless other arrangements have been made.  
Our facility fee is an additional $1,900
(or $1,000 for clients receiving midwifery care with us) which includes:

  • Required childbirth education courses

  • Birth center delivery

  • Immediate postpartum stay.

This facility fee is separate and unrelated to your prenatal care and midwifery fee. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a birth suite. All other payments must be made by the 36th week of pregnancy.

You may be wondering, ‘does insurance cover midwife services?’ Or, ‘does medicare cover midwives?’ Many insurance plans pay significant out-of-network benefits for birth center facility fees for midwives in Florida. We can bill private insurance on your behalf or provide you with a bill to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. Our billing specialist can check your specific insurance coverage and talk with you about the details. 

Free Consultation

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The birth center is currently in-network with: Aetna, Florida Blue/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United, Molina & Ambetter.

You are responsible for any co-payments, deductible or co-insurance that is not covered by your insurance company. 


All insurance plans in the state of Florida are required by law to cover midwives in Florida. State law requires that maternity care coverage include the services of certified nurse-midwives, licensed midwives (licensed pursuant to chapter 467), and the services of birth centers licensed under ss. 383.30-383.335.-- emphasis supplied. See Florida statutes, s.626.6406; s.627.6574; and s. 641.31(18). In requiring such coverage, section 467.002, f.s. specifically recognizes the need for a person to have the freedom to choose the manner, cost and setting for giving birth. The law requires that maternity coverage include midwifery services and provides that an insured or enrollee be given the option of choosing the setting for receiving such services. Therefore, no HMO contract or insurance policy may directly or indirectly deny reimbursement for midwifery services rendered in a home or birth center setting.