Miami Midwives

It's true. Midwives know quite a bit about provider comfort and support in labor: positions to help get the baby out, homeopathy and aromatherapy techniques, pressure points to relieve pain and discomfort. As much as midwives know these things and can offer them, utilizing these techniques during your labor and providing physical and emotional comfort, may mean that they are not well rested when your baby is ready to arrive.

We focus on the safety and well being of you and your little one. It's hard for us to know when your labor starts whether it will be two hours or twenty. Your midwife and her assistant will monitor your labor and rest in between checks to make sure that they are alert and focused: ready to handle any unexpected situations that my arise when your baby is being born or immediately afterward.

Why Use a Doula?

It is our belief that doulas are a crucial and essential component of the "team" for your pregnancy and birth. The one-to-one continuous support that they provide: making sure you eat, offering massage, keeping your spirits up during active labor: it's well worth the investment. While the care we offer is more personalized than what is found in the medical model's approach to birth, you midwife is not intended to be 100% of your emotional, physical and educational support system. We encourage our clients to create a community of support, of which a doula is a key part!

We are fortunate to have a close partnership with our sister company, The Gathering Place and their non-profit Project Motherpath. They are able to provide doula support for 100% of our clients (regardless of budget) with both newer and more experienced doulas. There is no additional cost for you to interview doulas from their staff.  Locally the fee for Miami doula services varies depending on years of experience and expertise.  Average Miami prices for a birthing doulas range from $500 (brand new doula) to $3000 (seasoned doula + concierge services) and postpartum doulas $20 (brand new) to $45 (experienced) - and everything in-between.

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Feel free to email: or call 786.953.6417 to connect with their team and learn more.  And if you want to cast a wider net, get referrals from friends.  We are happy to work with anyone you feel should be there supporting you.