Great experience! Best decision ever!!!! Thanks to my dear Dellareece.
— Elja Gaa
It was an amazing experience. Thanks for all the knowledge and care provided. Everyone is so helpful. They make you feel at home, and more important you feel part of the Magnolia family. Thanks for everything, God bless.
— Nevin Kurt Lobo
The most amazing experience! A great team of professionals and loving people!
— Ana Haydee Marin
Warm, welcoming, comfortable and beautifully designed. I want to have my next baby here!
— Lori Manning
(Translated from Russian) Magnolia, is the perfect place to give birth. My husband and I chose them while still in Russia. There are no such centers in our city and we had our hearts set on home childbirth. Magnolia has become the right choice for us because if there is an emergency situation, the doctor is always in touch and hospital on insurance is a few minutes away.

All staff are very benevolent, admin Tamara always helps in solving any questions. 🙌🏻 On the first request we have been sent an invitation to pass the border, and the day after the delivery came a message of the readiness of zero balance. 👍🏻
Pleased that the contract is in Russian, because with English we have problems.

The rest of the documents are also duplicated in English and Russian. Pay can be parts, we paid all at once. No money issues have arisen anymore.

The center itself is very cozy, and comfortable like home. Midwife Dellaris and Dole Guzel have become like family during this time of observation. They provide around the clock care and are ready to answer any questions and help everyone than they can.

Magnolia is a place where you want to come back again and again!
— Ksenia Dubrovina
Had my baby there in October. Best decision ever!
— Alana Juliette
I don’t even know where to begin there’s so much I can say about this jewel of Miami. Magnolia Birth House is where I went this past June and experienced my lotus birth to my now 3 month old son.

During my prenatal care I was taken great care of by the knowledgeable staff and awesome midwife Dellareece Bastian. This was my first out of the hospital birth and they helped me to keep my confidence with my decision to deliver naturally and have a lotus birth with their help.

I loved the peaceful atmosphere which for me promoted positive energy for baby and I making each visit more and more comfortable, especially when I spontaneously went into labor in my 37th week. The nerves that I had seemed to drift away as I realized I was in a sacred space and among positive spirited people who were there to support me and my family through an successful labor and delivery.

I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful happening in my life and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share such a memorable experience with the team at Magnolia Birth House.

Accommodating, Knowledgeable, Compassionate prenatal and postnatal care at an affordable price.... I have and will continue to recommend Magnolia Birth House for any women looking for prenatal or postnatal care. They are Miami’s finest when it comes to birthing babies.
— Nashava K
I was very relieved and happy to find the Magnolia Birth House! Their team is great to work with and very attentive. They work around the baby and your best interest at heart!
— Julianna M.
Although I did not give birth at Magnolia Birth House because I had a home birth with their homebirth practice Blue Mountain Midwives, I visited the birth center for one of my prenatal visits and a post-partum visit. It’s an absolutely beautiful place. Every room there is absolutely breath-taking and feels so warm and welcoming, with mother and baby in mind! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants to do a natural birth that isn’t comfortable with doing it at home and doesn’t want the hassle of a hospital, it is a perfect place and safe environment to welcome a baby!

My midwife, Colleen was exceptional. She was extremely knowledgable and made me feel so comfortable in my decision in doing a home birth, she was always there when I needed her or had a doubt about anything.

I can’t wait to be pregnant again just so I can have these beautiful women who made me feel like we were life-long friends help me bring my next baby into this world. I now consider them family and am grateful to have them in my life! Thank you for all the hard work you ladies do to give the mothers from south Florida a chance to birth the NATURAL way, the way a mom is supposed to birth! I love you all!
— Jenny Luciano
Best and most beautiful experience ever!
— Aileen Orozco
(Translated by Google) We gave birth to our daughter Amelia in Magnolia on 02/20/2018! Childbirth took DellaReece, very grateful for her professional work. There were no breaks and no complications. Weekly receptions conducted by Michelle, also were satisfied with her attitude. The pleasant home atmosphere of the center has to do with natural childbirth. Thanks to the administrator of Tamara, we initially did not consider anyone else for their birth. Operative communication with us was from the first letter and to the very end. Immediately after delivery, all the documents were filled and in an hour we could go to take the birth certificate. We were satisfied with our births and will return here for our next small miracle.
— Дмитрий Григорьев
(Translated by Google) Everything was at the highest level. The professionalism of Asya’s team, especially Delaris, she’s just a sorceress, an obstetrician from God. If you want a calm, beautiful and natural childbirth, without hesitation and stimulation, you are welcome here. A calm home atmosphere in Magnolia itself, like at home. If you want to give birth at home, the midwife and her assistant will come to you with all the necessary props. In an emergency, they have a doctor and a hospital on their insurance. In general, the calmness and experience of the team is credible. I recommend Magnolia!
— Елена Прутченкова
(Translated by Google) My daughter was born in Magnolia summer 2016 and it was the best of all the generations that you can imagine! Very grateful to everyone who works there for a magical experience.
— Irina Ostanina