Ongoing Healthcare

Healthcare should encompass more than just lab work and examinations. True healthcare includes an understanding of your overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. It should include a sense of connection and mutual respect between you and your care provider, as well as education and access to resources which will improve your health holistically. As Miami midwives, we are happy to offer clients this type of personalized ongoing healthcare.

We provide comprehensive well-care including pap smears, annual exams and family planning education. This type of care is available to all of our current and previous clients, as well as to clients who hope to use us in the future! We also offer in-office preconception appointments for persons seeking to become pregnant.

I loved the peaceful atmosphere which for me promoted positive energy for baby and I making each visit more and more comfortable, especially when I spontaneously went into labor in my 37th week. The nerves that I had seemed to drift away as I realized I was in a sacred space and among positive spirited people who were there to support me and my family through an successful labor and delivery.
— Nashava K.


It is recommended to receive a well-person exam every year to check in on your health and to address any issues which may be developing. Unfortunately, many people leave postpartum care and do not return to see a care provider until they become pregnant again (which may be years later!). This can leave people susceptible to health problems which could have been prevented or caught earlier if they had come in for well-care.

Well-person visits frequently include a basic physical examination (sometimes including a pelvic exam), health advice from your midwives, and routine screenings which may be due. You also have the opportunity to meet with your midwife and express any concerns which may have developed since your last visit. Following your appointment, you will receive information and referrals for local resources should you need to go anywhere else for additional testing or follow-up. 

One of the many benefits to receiving well-care following pregnancy and postpartum, is that sometimes postpartum mood disorders can present later in the first year after having a child (long after your postpartum care has finished). Seeing the midwives for an annual exam can ensure that your mental health needs are being met. Other health benefits include the opportunity for breast/chest exams to catch early signs of breast cancer, routine pap smears (now recommended every 3 years if you have no risk factors) to screen for cervical cancers or the HPV virus, and sexually-transmitted infection testing.

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What is a Pap Smear?

A pap smear is a sample of the cells in your cervix, which is sent off to a lab and analyzed for signs of abnormal cell changes (such as cancer, or the HPV virus). This sample of cells is collected by the midwife, using a small plastic “broom-like” device and a speculum. The collection of this sample is often the part of the examination people least look-forward to during their well-person visits. We work very hard to ensure that you feel in control and reassured during the procedure, and that it is minimally uncomfortable. 

Family Planning Education

One of the most common topics addressed during well-care visits is contraception, or birth control. There are many options available for parents to consider, and the midwife will discuss your needs and preferences so that she can make recommendations that work best for you. Some of the current birth control options available include:

  • The pill

  • Mini-pill (safe for breastfeeding parents)

  • Male or female condoms

  • Cervical caps

  • Diaphragms

  • Spermicide

  • Hormonal implants

  • IUDs (some hormonal, others not)

  • Fertility awareness method (tracking temperature, cervical fluid, and cervix position)

Bring your questions to your next well-person appointment and the midwife can go over some of the pros and cons with you to find the most effective fit for your situation!

Preconception Visits

This is a specific type of well care for individuals exploring the possibility of becoming pregnant. See our Fertility and Preconception page for more information.

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